Frequently Asked Questions

horse playground toy tips

How can I find the manual on the DVD?

Insert the Horse Playground DVD into your DVD drive. If your computer is set to auto play the DVD, the movie will most likely start. Close the browser that is open. Then click START, then MY COMPUTER. Locate your DVD drive and right click the drive to open the explorer. Click on the file Horse_Playgrounds_Manual.pdf to open the file.

Download Instructions

For Mac Users - Insert the DVD into your DVD drive. If the movie starts to play, hit your ESCAPE key twice. It will minimize the movie window. Close this window by clicking on the RED X located at the TOP LEFT of the window. You should see a DVD icon on your desktop named "HORSES" Double click on the DVD to see the files. Locate the File that says Horse_Playgrounds_Manual.pdf and double click on it. Your manual will open and you can print whatever you want.

Horse training balls

How durable are the horse training balls?

Watch this video to see how durable the equine training balls are and why these wonder horse soccer ball helps with horse boredom.

Equine Training Ball

Slick Stick

Why is the string loop on the Slick Stick so SMALL? It is not meant to be put over your hand in case your horse gets afraid of it and you need to get rid of it.

Horse Training Ball Instructions and Care

We have step-by-step instruction to ensure lasting satisfaction with your Horse Training Balls.

Download instructions

Horse Playground DVD

My horse is afraid of the new toys, what do I do?

Introduce each toy to your horse when she is in a learning frame of mind. Do not force your horse to explore the toys. Let them look at part of it, smell it, help them see that it will not hurt. They will soon learn to enjoy and playing with the new toys.