Toy Tip

horse playground toy tips

Toy Tips

Keeping your play time with your horse interesting is important. Here are some tips on what you can do:

  • Don’t be afraid to combine the toys to make more interesting obstacles.
  • Adding different items to your carwash will keep your horse interested in her toys.
  • Combining carwashes, squeezes and the bridge or pedestal can be used to simulate trailer loading.
  • You horse will learn to go under, through and over things.
  • Use the toys for you to stand on and have your horse move through other toys.
  • Play mounted games with the Spike – try to rope it and drag it or toss it back and forth.
  • Throw the ball back and forth or set up the carwash as a goal post and play ball.
  • Use your imagination!!
  • Remember – if you have some really fun ideas – send us an email – we love do see what others are doing with the toys.