Purple Confetti Mohair Cinch


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The Mohair Cinches hold the saddle or bareback pad in place on your horse. 100% mohair is the best fiber for your horse; it's breathable, does not pinch, soft and flexible, yet strong. Mohair is the long, silky hair of the Angora goat which is carded, spun and corded.

This 17 strand Confetti Cinch with purple trim and stainless steel buckles is 32" of beauty and comfort for your horse. Stunning on any color horse!

Benefits of using mohair in cinch?

  • All natural animal fiber.
  • Exceptionally soft, resilient, breathable, and durable.
  • Wicks sweat and moisture away from your horse.
  • Worn by sensitive horses that tend to chafe, or are allergic to synthetic or non-breathing materials commonly used for cinches today.
  • Your horse will like the smell and feel of it.
  • Ideal material for making sturdy, comfortable, and long lasting cinches provided it is kept free from dried on sweat and dirt.